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Local SEO Services

At the end of the day results are what matters. You don't need to hear confusing jargon about technical coding or talk about integrating SEO, SEM, & social media.

If you’re looking to improve your website’s visibility in local search results, look no further than ZB MEDIA GROUP 'S local SEO services. We are the leading Local SEO Company, with over 700 satisfied clients and a proven track record of success. Our team of experts knows how to make your website get noticed by local customers, and we offer a wide range of services that can help you reach your target market. 

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What is Local SEO?

While traditional SEO helps improve your overall ranking across all organic search queries, local SEO focuses specifically on generating traffic for locations near you. Instead of just appearing in general web searches, your website will rank for specific location-based search queries that customers in your area are likely to make.

As online shopping becomes increasingly popular among consumers, there has also been an increase in mobile searches. The results for mobile queries are presented differently because of the size of the screen, and customers are more likely to click on a result that is geographically relevant. With local SEO, your website can show up at the top of these results, which means increased visibility and even more traffic.


Local SEO Services You Can Trust!


We Know Local SEO

At ZB MEDIA GROUP we know what works locally, nationally, and internationally, and we tailor our plans to make sure your website brings in the traffic you need from visitors who are willing to spend money to get what they want. We judge how successful an SEO campaign is by how much our client’s business jumps.

We have already helped several businesses get their websites to the top of their local listings. From restaurants to law firms to start-up companies, we know how to analyze a niche, go after keywords that actually pay off, and help a local business rank for the ones that will bring in the paying customers. Our experienced specialists are here to help you get that edge you’ve been looking for.

Tens of thousands of people are searching daily for solutions to their current needs or problems. Whether they are looking for emergency services, a trustworthy local business to solve their current problem, or just a better cup of coffee, the smartphone comes out and the listings in the top few spots of Google get over 90% of the business. 

Google is the gatekeeper, and we understand the technical details that need to be taken care of to get results. Technical SEO, proper site structure, schema, content optimization, reputation management, E-A-T, and local relevance are just some of the many issues we tackle to make sure you rise to the top.


Why Is SEO Important for Local Businesses?

Ranking globally is one thing. This works best for businesses catering to a broad audience. But, when it comes to local businesses,  unless you are targeting the whole city or town, ranking locally is vital in order for your business to be visible in search results that are relevant to your target customers.

Get Targeted Local Search Engine Results

Having your site ranking high in local search results is crucial for small businesses. If someone searches for a product or service that you offer near their location, they are much more likely to click on your website ahead of your competitors.  

Rank in Local Keywords

Local SEO allows you to rank higher in local searches, allowing you to grab the attention of people who are looking for what you offer nearby. Ranking well also means that your website will be at the top of search results when users make specific queries like “dentist near me” or “car tires near me.”

Increased Conversion Rates

With increased visibility comes an increase in traffic, which in turn, can lead to more conversions. When your site appears higher in local search results, you have a better chance of capturing the interest of new customers, which can result in an increase in conversion rates.

Encourages Walk-in Customers

When your website is exposed to more local buyers and customers, you also get an increase in foot traffic. Combine this with the fact that increased visibility can increase conversion rate, and you can get even more walk-in customers.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Local SEO is a cost-effective way to reach out to potential customers in your area. It is a more targeted approach compared to traditional advertising and can often be more effective in terms of generating revenue for your business.

Long-term Results

With local SEO, your business can remain visible in search engine results for months and even years. This means more time spent with potential customers and increased brand exposure to help drive future growth.

How to Choose the Right Local SEO Agency

There are plenty of companies that offer local SEO services, but finding the one that is right for you isn’t always easy. Each company has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, along with different packages and services. Here are some factors to take into account when choosing the right company for you.

Experience and Track Record

Digital marketing is cost-effective and helps your business reach a larger audience. You can create content and ensure that it attracts more people to your website. On the other hand, when employing traditional marketing practices in your business, you will spend much more money as you need to duplicate everything, and there is no guarantee that your target audience will see your ad. The best part about digital marketing is that you can track your ad to see its performance.

The results are quantifiable

With digital marketing, you can get a comprehensive review of how your ad is performing. These metrics have significant benefits for your company as you can constantly improve your strategy and know what your customers want. You can see the real-time results from your digital marketing campaign, including the time customers spend on your page, clicks, views, shares, and impressions.

Quality of Service

Ensure the agency’s service is personalized and fully customized to meet your needs. The right company will provide regular reports and updates, helping you stay on top of your campaign. Transparency and accountability should be high up on your list of priorities.

Impeccable Customer Service

When you need assistance with your campaign, can you rely on the agency to provide it? You should choose a company that offers full support throughout the entire process. Look for companies with well-qualified staff members who are not only experts in SEO services but also have excellent customer service skills.


While price doesn’t always equal quality, it’s crucial to find an agency that meets your budget requirements. A well-established company will be able to give you personalized service without compromising on quality, but make sure you’re getting the best value for money in return.


Since the success of your campaign hinges on effective local SEO, choosing an agency that is driven by results is crucial. This ensures that you will always receive regular reports on how your campaign is performing and makes it easier to measure its success over time.

Integration with Other Marketing Services

Many companies offer a range of services in addition to local SEO so you can have a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. However, the best ones offer specific packages tailored to individual business types so that they can generate more leads in a short space of time.



Local SEO Services That Convert

We are digital marketing agency that offers local SEO services. We are passionate about delivering success for our clients through innovative, creative, and cost-effective campaigns. From SEO audit, competition analysis, on-site and off-site SEO work up to link-building strategies, our team of SEO professionals will work closely with you to ensure you get the best value for your money and a clear return on investment.

Our company is driven by results and uses data-driven campaigns that are tailored specifically to your industry, business type, and desired client base. We also have an extensive network of quality local businesses that have already benefited from our advanced services. 

Please call us on (555) 555-5555 and let’s customize a local SEO campaign that sets you apart from your competitors or book a free strategy session below.


What is Included in Our Local SEO Services?

Our process is what sets us apart. We’re more thorough than the competition, we dive deeper, and we look for the keywords, the rankings, and the strategies that are actually going to translate more business for you.

We customize every plan by doing a deep dive starting with where your site is at, what niche it is in, and what the competition looks like. This gives us all the information we need to craft a local SEO plan that will actually get results because you’re not competing with a checklist taped up to the wall, you’re competing with other real-life businesses and their websites!

  • SEO Audit
  • Local niche (competition) analysis
  • In-depth technical SEO analysis
  • On-site & Off-site SEO work
  • Powerful authority building strategies
  • A deeper understanding of local SEO markets

We start with an honest assessment of the job ahead, and find the best way to not only get results, but get the results that matter. Who cares if you rank for 100 more keywords if they only bring in 10 visits a month? We are dedicated to getting you rankings that actually bring online traffic, and online traffic that actually ends up resulting in paying customers.

Our SEO audit will look at every single aspect of your website. We look at what you’re doing well, what’s not doing so well, and what things are actively hurting your results. This isn’t a cheap audit that only looks at one aspect of what is going on, but we go in-depth to get the full picture. 

Our Points of Difference - Image - man

From there we have the ability to look at your niche, look at the local competition, and then get to work on delivering high-level results by figuring out the order of action so that we can tackle the most important factors first and work down to the ones that are going to move the needle the least.


Our Points of Difference

So, what sets us apart? We feel confident saying that no one goes as in-depth on their audit as we do. We also have skilled SEO experts who not only stay on top of all the most recent news, but also many who further specialize in a particular area like outreach for offsite SEO, site structure, or technical SEO. This means we have more knowledge, more ability, and the talent to make the most of any website and take on any local SEO challenge!

We stand out because we know the topic inside and out and have professional SEO specialists that are passionate about the topic and know how to stand out from the crowd.

What Are You Waiting For?

Contact us today and let’s set up an appointment to get your plan started! The initial consultation and SEO audit is absolutely free. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Call us today (555-555-5555), and let’s get you on the path to the top of Google’s local search listings. 


Local SEO FAQs

How much is SEO per month?

The monthly cost of your SEO campaign entirely depends on the package that you choose. For more information, contact us today to speak to discuss the right package for your business.

How much should I pay for local SEO?

The price of your campaign entirely depends on the package that you choose. The most important thing to remember is to only pay for local SEO services that are within your budget range and that realistic expectations are set with regard to time frames for achieving your desired results. Contact us for more information!

Is SEO worth the money?

With the right strategies, performed by an experienced SEO agency, the results can be impressive. If you’re a local business owner, a well-optimized website will help generate more leads from your target audience, increasing ROIs.

What is the best SEO company?

Make sure you work with a company with a strong track record of providing results and understand the intricacies of local SEO. Ensure that their service is tailored specifically to your business type, industry, and desired client base.

What does SEO include?

SEO involves a range of activities performed over time to have the best chance of ranking on Google’s first results page. This includes SEO audit, keyword research, on-site and off-site optimization work, link-building strategies, directory submissions, among many others.

How does an SEO agency improve the ranking of a website?

An SEO company will use a combination of proven strategies that influence search engines like Google to rank your website. These include content development, off-page optimization work, quality link building, and industry analysis, among others.

Where should small business owners begin?

If you own a local business, you should first carry out an audit of your website to find any areas that need improvement. Next, develop specific marketing strategies for your target audience. Implement these changes gradually to track the results over time and adjust accordingly to improve search engine rankings. It’s best to start consulting with an SEO agency when you begin building your website to ensure that you’re on the right track.

What is the difference between local SEO and SEO?

Local SEO focuses on increasing your business’s exposure within a specific geographical area. This strategy is employed by businesses who have a physical location or want to target their services or products to customers in a certain region. On the other hand, SEO focuses on raising the ranking of your website as high as possible for keywords and phrases related to your product or service offering.

Who Needs Local SEO?

Any local business that wants to increase their exposure in the geographical area they serve can benefit from this strategy. This includes plumbers, electricians, mechanics, photographers, restaurants, retail stores, and many others.