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Increase Sales Revenue

Most SME's operate with limited marketing budgets. This means that they have to use all types of innovative strategies within their reach to get the best return from their investment in marketing and increase business revenue over time.

Marketing isn’t just an important aspect of business success; it’s the business itself. It sets the tone for everything else in a business. Unfortunately, most SMEs have low marketing budgets. As such, they must employ whatever tactics they can to maximize the return on their marketing spend and increase their sales and revenue over time. 

One of the marketing strategies that have a significant impact on brand visibility and, most crucially, business sales is digital marketing. This is something that every business needs to factor into their marketing strategy.

That is why you need experienced professionals like ZB MEDIA GROUP, your one-stop online marketing solution for your business.

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Marketing Strategies to Help Increase Your Business Revenue

Digital marketing employs different marketing efforts that connect a brand to potential customers over the internet. Considering 4.5 billion of the world’s 7.7 billion people use the internet daily, digital marketing can increase your customer base exponentially.

Some of the techniques used in digital marketing include SEO, PPC ads, affiliate marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing platforms, mobile marketing and many others. These, when coupled with other strategies like lowering business costs, reviewing your pricing, and supply chain management can increase your sales volumes. Here are two particularly vital strategies:

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing strategy that focuses on the visibility of your website in search engine results, such as Google or Bing. The ultimate goal is for your website to become more visible and generate traffic.

Increased traffic translates to more customers for your products and services. As such, you can realize an increase in revenue and higher profit margins. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and SEO methods must adapt to keep up. If you have the correct strategy in place and work with a partner that knows how to generate results, SEO is definitely worthwhile. 


Predictability of Results

Remarketing is also known as retargeting. This is the act of showing customized adverts to users who have already visited or taken action on your website. In terms of technological implementation, remarketing is the process of placing a cookie in the user’s browser using a JavaScript tag (also known as a pixel).

Remarketing can be done with a variety of ad platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Outbrain. It is a shrewd approach to reach out to people who’ve already expressed an interest in your brand or company. Consider it a second chance to convert, upsell or retain clients through online advertisements or campaigns. 




Digital marketing is cost-effective and helps your business reach a larger audience. You can create content and ensure that it attracts more people to your website. On the other hand, when employing traditional marketing practices in your business, you will spend much more money as you need to duplicate everything, and there is no guarantee that your target audience will see your ad. The best part about digital marketing is that you can track your ad to see its performance.




Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a strategic process of learning about, and optimizing your website’s usability in order to increase the conversion rate. This helps you understand customer behavior better while giving insights on how they interact with the UX, making it even more possible to meet your goals.

The art of conversion rate optimization is a never-ending process. That is where the expert team at ZB MEDIA GROUP can help you to learn from your past mistakes and use that knowledge to improve future campaigns, and ultimately convert website visitors into paying customers.


How to Increase Revenue from Existing Customers

Investing time in current or previous consumers is an effective approach for any organization to achieve a short-term increase in revenues. It’s easy for firms to become engrossed in the pursuit of new clients, however in actuality, our previous and current clients are the ones who can provide the best return on investment. So how can you increase revenue from existing customers?


  • Make a list of your clients and consumers, as well as
          the products and services you offer.
  • Examine this client list to see if there are any cross-
          selling prospects
  • Make a list of the additional services you may offer to   
           the clients who aren't using all of your services or
  • Communicate with these clients and provide
          information about complementary products and services
          that would be a good fit for them.
  • Keep in touch with consumers through remainder
          emails, Christmas greetings and newsletters. Follow
          up after they have opened your email.
  • Keep your clients informed about special offers and
          new launches.
  • Sensitize your sales team on strategies to increase
          sales without incurring the higher costs associated
          with new client acquisition.

Most SME’s operate with limited marketing budgets. This means that they have to use all types of innovative strategies within their reach to get the best return from their investment in marketing and increase business revenue over time. However, when it comes to increasing sales revenue, not all marketing strategies will work for your business. 

Some strategies are obviously more effective than others based on the type of business you operate and the industry you are in. It’s worth noting that there are currently hundreds of digital marketing strategies you can use to increase sales revenue and in turn grow your business.

However, at ZB MEDIA GROUP, we align all our digital marketing services to one goal which is to help small and medium business enterprises across many channels to increase their sales revenue. Our strategies are focused and tailor-made to suit every single one of our clients and their individual needs. 


Marketing Strategies to Help Increase Your Business Revenue

1. Website Optimization

SME’s must do more than just emails invest in appealing websites if they want to boost their sales. Website optimization is the process of making a website more productive so that it becomes a powerful sales platform for your business. We understand that simply creating an attractive website and some nice content is not enough. You have to constantly keep making changes to your site to suit the needs, demands and preferences of your target audience. 

Website optimization helps to boost SEO ranking so that your website features prominently on search engine results. At ZB MEDIA GROUP, we have extensive expertise and experience in handling SEO campaigns. All our clients benefit from improved ranking and traffic from search engines through our various campaigns. 

Other services we offer under website optimization include keyword research, content development, web design and much more. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, it’s important that you have your site audited and optimized on a regular basis.



2. Google My Business (GMB)

We help our clients to both set up and optimize their Google My Business profiles. GMB is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for businesses out there today. If used properly GMB, this tool can generate lots of quality leads for your business which translates to more sales and increased revenue. 

GMB is a free online business listing platform offered by Google that allows local consumers to search for products or services in your area and easily find your business. Creating a GMB profile is free and easy. If you have not joined this service, you are definitely missing out.

Creating a profile is the first step. The next step to boosting your business’s online visibility is to optimize your listing. This is where we come in. We do everything from reviewing your business details, creating mini-posts and ads for your business, creating booking buttons for appointments, and sourcing positive reviews for your business.

3. PPC Ad Campaigns

For businesses that would like to use paid ads to attract potential consumers on the internet, we have a special service called PPC ad campaigns. Our PPC ad campaigns service mainly uses the Google Ads platform to promote your business and/or products and services to large audiences on the web. Our PPC ad campaigns vary in cost depending on your marketing budget and business needs. 

It’s important to note that Google Ads are a fast way of increasing sales revenue as opposed to other digital marketing techniques like SEO that require more time to bring in results. If you are looking for quick results from your marketing efforts, Google Ads may be the right fit for you. Our team of digital marketing experts can help you come up with captivating and engaging ads that your target audience will love.


4. Email Marketing

We also offer a dedicated email marketing service to our clients. This service is very comprehensive and includes a wide range of strategies, tools, and techniques that help businesses to attract prospects and convert leads into paying customers. 

The secret to successful  email marketing campaigns is sending the right email content to your subscribers. However, to get off to a good start, you first need to have a substantial list of subscribers to send your email blasts to. 

Developing a long list of subscribers is no easy task. Many small and medium business enterprises struggle to get prospects to share their contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers. This is where ZB MEDIA GROUP comes into our own.

We help our clients to appeal to their target audiences using powerful lead magnets that boost email and newsletter subscription rates significantly. With   email marketing, you can share content as well as new and exciting offers with prospective and existing customers. You can also send out promotional emails to your clients at your own discretion.

Use Our World-Class Digital Marketing Strategies To Boost Sales Revenue

Most of the above-mentioned digital marketing strategies are designed to assist small and medium businesses like yours to increase sales revenue over time. At ZB MEDIA GROUP, we always advise our clients to take an aggregated approach which basically means using as many digital marketing strategies as possible to maximize results and get the best return from your marketing budget.

What makes us different from other digital marketing agencies out there is that we work with our clients to come up with unique solutions that perfectly match the nature, type, and size of their businesses. We take all factors into consideration when developing digital marketing campaigns for each of our clients.


Convert Traffic into Revenue with ZB MEDIA GROUP Services

93% of consumers look for information about products and services online before they can look elsewhere. Furthermore, 4.5 billion of the world’s 7.7 billion people use the internet daily. Isn’t this a gold mine for your company? 

Grab the opportunity today and revolutionize your business!

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Increase Sales Revenue FAQs

How does SEO increase revenue?

SEO can help you increase your visibility and reach online. It can therefore help you increase sales by driving more traffic to your site, giving you more opportunities to convert leads into customers, and providing you with the tools you need to grow your business.

How much can SEO increase sales?

SEO increases sales, by Increased conversion sales. The conversion rate of an optimized page is also 200 per cent greater. More visits turn into solid leads and more leads turn into paying clients.

What does increased revenue mean?

Revenue growth refers to the increase in a company’s sales from one period to the next. It is expressed as a percentage and depicts gains and falls over time, revealing revenue patterns within a company.

Why is it important to increase sales revenue?

You must increase revenues to keep your company afloat. Increasing revenues are an indicator of a company’s financial health. Small business owners can save costs and increase income by using vital marketing and pricing strategies.

How can you multiply revenue through digital marketing?

Some of the methods you can increase your revenue through digital marketing include:

  • Define call-to-actions (CTAs) that convert.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Determining your target market and recognizing where they focus their attention.
  • Automating and tracking email marketing campaigns
  • Developing a content marketing plan.
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