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At ZB MEDIA GROUP , we can take care of all your email marketing needs. We  can help you leverage email marketing to significantly boost your sales and revenue.


Does your business use email marketing? If not, have you considered including email marketing campaigns in your marketing strategy? It is well known that email marketing is one of the most successful methods of marketing in the digital era due to its personalized nature and relevant content based on the receivers buying journey. 

Are you interested in creating an email campaign but don’t know where to begin? The SEO and email marketing gurus at

ZB MEDIA GROUP can help you create a successful email marketing strategy. 

Call us now at (555) 555-5555 to find out how we can help you with our email marketing services or book a free strategy session below.


Try our email marketing services today to save valuable time, generate leads, boost sales and make more money.

Why Email Marketing?

Online or. refers to a business promoting itself using online marketing channels to connect with potential clients. Digital marketing utilizes the internet and other digital communication forms like search engines, social media platforms, text and multimedia messages, and emails as marketing channels. It is worth mentioning that digital marketing is not similar to inbound marketing. The latter uses a holistic approach to prioritize your business goals and evaluate the available tools to determine the most effective method.

Digital marketing allows your business to take advantage of the various online marketing tactics to promote your product or service. Fundamentally, digital marketing refers to all marketing campaigns that use digital communication to reach their target audience. 

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How Does Email Marketing Work?

There’s a plethora of email marketing tools and software that your business can use to send your marketing emails and manage your email marketing campaigns. But is that really necessary and why not just send the emails to your standard inbox provider? 

The simple answer is that while DIY email marketing is possible, it will prove to be a lot of work, especially if you have over 500 subscribers. You may also have to deal with problems like email deliverability, design, ending up in junk mailboxes and limited email bandwidth. For this reason, it is vital to use email service providers who have the infrastructure you need for excellent email deliverability rates. You can send unlimited emails and be sure they will land in your subscribers’ inboxes. 

Working with a reputable email marketing service is best if you want to have successful email marketing campaigns. It also helps to have an email list and set clearly defined goals.

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Email Marketing Strategy

The first service we offer is creating an email marketing strategy for your brand or business. The strategy is based on the 'who, what, when and how' goals of your business. We undertake market and consumer research to find out the best way to reach out to your target audience. We then came up with a comprehensive email marketing strategy that embodies your brand's values and core mission. Finally, we work with you to decide the best time to send emails to your subscribers and how we will monitor the progress of leads coming through your sales funnel.

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Email List Building

Another crucial service we offer is email list building. Clients who have little to no subscribers should not worry as we can help them build huge lists of email subscribers with the help of lead magnets. Some of our lead magnets include special email offers and discounts that act as incentives for people to share their email addresses. Other lead magnets include free eBooks, quizzes, free guides and much more. We help you build an email list that you can use for many years to come.

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Website Call-To-Actions

Website call-to-actions are basically small pop-ups or floating headers that appear on your website to prompt visitors to subscribe to your newsletters and promotional emails. You should never allow visitors to leave your site without offering them the opportunity to join your mail list. We can help you implement these tools and much more.

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Email Advertising Campaigns

We also do email advertising campaigns where we market your lead magnets to potential consumers on social media and search engine results. These campaigns can help you to get tons of subscribers within a short period of time.

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Email Automation

Another key service we offer is email automation. With the help of our cutting-edge email marketing software, we can help you draft and send emails at predetermined intervals so that you can save valuable time. You don't have to worry about manually sending out email blasts to your subscribers on a periodic basis as our email automation service can make this easier and more convenient. Talk to us to learn more about this service.

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Email Newsletters

Our email marketing experts can help you design quality newsletters that you can send out to your email subscribers on a weekly or monthly basis. The newsletters will be professionally crafted using industry standards to maximize email open rates, click-through-rates, user engagement and conversions. The newsletters will include well-researched content that is relevant to your business and its products or services.

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Email List Maintenance

We do not just help you to build a huge list of subscribers, we also help you manage and sanitize your mail list. It is crucial to keep your email list up to date by removing unresponsive or unengaged subscribers from your list. A long email list that is full of unresponsive subscribers is not good as it can lead to your emails being marked as spam. We help you avoid this by regularly cleaning and maintaining your list for you.

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Email marketing can make a significant difference to your business and is crucial to its growth. Specialized email platforms also have features like the drag and drop editor, drop email editor, and drag and drop email that allows you to create marketing emails on your preferred template easily. Some of the benefits of email marketing include: 

Improves customer loyalty 

Email marketing is a great way to build a community for your brand. It helps drive customer loyalty, turning them from a lead to retaining them as a customer.

Helps create brand awareness

Emails allow you to directly reach your audience, meaning they will have your brand in mind. Furthermore, a personalized email has more impact and credibility than a post on social media, and you can also create an email and send it to multiple recipients at an affordable cost. 

Increased conversion rate:

Email marketing can help you drive your brand sales. Consider using abandoned cart emails and personalized special offers or discounts to boost your conversions.


Email marketing is among one of the most affordable marketing tools your business can employ. Therefore, investing in email marketing can be an excellent strategy for your business.


An email list

You have direct access to your clients when using email marketing. An email list builds a stronger connection between your brand and your audience and is much more personal than general posts on social media.

Successful Email Marketing Program

Having a successful email marketing program is pretty straightforward. However, you will get the best results if you hire a reputable email marketing company to help you if you are unfamiliar with what email marketing entails. 

The other key aspect is an email list. You need to ensure that everyone on your list has consented to be included in receiving emails from you. Otherwise, your email communication is considered spam content which can have a negative impact on your reputation and credibility.



Why Choose

ZB MEDIA GROUP's Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing can help take your business to new heights. The process is hassle-free and less time-consuming with automated email. You can create a call to action to prompt users to take the desired action in your email marketing campaigns and personalize the message you wish to drive.

Do you want to incorporate email marketing into your business but are unsure of where to start? Let us take care of all your email marketing needs. We can help you leverage email marketing to boost your sales and revenue significantly. Please call us on (503) 555-5555 to learn more or to book a free strategy session.


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Email Marketing FAQs

The four types of email marketing

The four types of email marketing include a digital newsletter, informational email, product update email, and transactional email.

What are the rules for email marketing?

When it comes to email marketing, the rules are pretty simple. They include avoiding buying listings, creating responsive emails, defining your email marketing campaign goal, testing the campaign before you send it and scheduling it for an appropriate time. You should also implement drip campaigns and monitor them by checking the open rate.

What are the two types of email?

While emails can be subdivided into various categories, the two types of emails are engagement and transactional emails.

What is a list of emails called?

A list of emails is known as a mailing list. Overall, a mailing list is a compiled list of email addresses that allows you to simultaneously send emails to multiple users instead of sending them individually.

Which is the best email marketing tool?

The are several email marketing tools to choose from depending on what you would like your campaign to achieve. Therefore, the best email marketing tool is relative. But overall, Mailchimp is a great tool.

What is the average cost of email marketing?

Several factors will influence how much email marketing costs your business. These include working with an agency, managing the campaigns yourself, the size of your business, and how long the campaign lasts. 

How is email marketing cost calculated?

Email marketing cost is calculated by cost per contact. Fundamentally, this is the whole campaign sum divided by all the subscribers that you send your marketing email.

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