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Web Design Services

If you want to achieve your business goals in this digital age, it is vital that you have a web design that reaches your target audience, guides them through the sales funnel, and eventually entices them to make a purchase.

Websites are an extremely visual platform for your business to represent itself, and that’s why it’s essential to have a website design that portrays your brand’s values. We can help you make a good first impression through analysis, web design, implementation, and deployment. 

ZB MEDIA GROUP is a full-service website design and development company that offers a range of web design services. We are experts in our field and have what it takes to create a stunning website that not only looks great but is also engaging and provides the very best user experience possible. 

Call us now at (503) 447-5888 to find out how we can help your website stand out from your competition or click below to book a free strategy session.



The Benefits Of Hiring A Web Design Company

As trusted web design experts, we dedicate ourselves to upholding three core values – honesty, transparency, and security – and apply them in everything that we do. While ensuring exceptional customer service, we work closely with different businesses to discover and understand their goals. We firmly believe that it is this procedure that enables us to create truly personal, efficient, and engaging websites.

Our clients tell us how much they value our cost-effective solutions and no-hidden-cost approach and claim that it gives them peace of mind that their investment is worthwhile.



There are numerous benefits to working with a web designer, including:

  • Web designers and developers that are experts in their craft
  • They have the resources, allowing for the design of an excellent site.
  • You save time
  • Responsive and high-quality web design
  • Enjoy SEO services 
  • Get a competitive edge, thanks to the implementation of new technology and trends.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design

These days, there are numerous different screen sizes are available across a plethora of devices. Because of this, your web page design must adapt to all screen sizes not just today but also later on as technology develops. With responsive website design, you can ensure that your website responds to customer requirements and the overall capabilities of the devices they’re using.

Below are more reasons why you should consider ZB MEDIA GROUP web design services:


It’s worth noting that search engines recognize web content, usability, and site speed as indicators of a website’s value. With our website design company’s assistance, you can ensure that your site complies with search engine guidelines and obtains good usability scores.



60% of shoppers indicate that a particular website’s mobile shopping ability is integral in brand selection. Considering that more than 50% of Google searches are performed from mobile phones, getting a responsive website design is vital to achieving online success. ZB MEDIA GROUP web design services are specifically built to offer your page visitors a positive, interactive mobile experience.



Generally, investing in conversion-focused web design services is an affordable method of building your web presence and ultimately boosting your online exposure. With a well-optimized website, you’ll achieve more online visibility and draw in the right people. Work closely with our web design agency and make sure your business is visible for your target audience at the right time, via any browser and device.


In comparison, mobile web browsing has exceeded desktop as the best option for internet users. Research has shown that 70% of overall digital media time is spent on smartphones. Consider investing in our website design services and obtain a responsive website that offers a positive experience to digital users irrespective of device.


With our responsive website design, you’ll only need a single version of your website that’s optimized for any device. This gets rid of the time-consuming procedures of coding for different systems and generally streamlines your website development and management. The most important thing is that mobile responsive web page design cuts down your site development and maintenance costs.



Smart Insights indicates that the international retail conversion rate when it comes to mobile devices is 1.82%. Leverage professional website design services to enhance your website’s mobile-friendliness and ultimately increase your conversion rate. Apart from moving your customers in to the sales funnel, responsive web design complements your pay-per-click advertising campaigns and social media marketing.

Why Hire a Professional Web Design Company?

There are numerous benefits to hiring a web design firm/agency like ZB MEDIA GROUP for your small business.


A certain report revealed that around 70% of consumers use their smartphones to carry out product research. Generally, this population accounts for 52.6% of international web traffic that originates from mobile devices. ZB MEDIA GROUP builds on this by placing trust signals on your site and then optimizes it for browser and mobile compatibility to convert it into a lead generation machine.



Advanced user experience design enhances brand image, as well as online trust. According to several studies, 65% of customers offer an improved viewpoint of businesses when provided with a seamless mobile experience. Once you have a responsive web page design, you won’t need to worry about your site’s navigability and readability. Our web design services can build and reinforce your overall business identity with user-friendly web design.


Boost your conversion rate

Regardless of your conversion goals, our web design services are strategically designed to help! Most conversions consist of online interaction. In case you have an outdated site with poor usability, it is affecting the users’ first impression. That first impression shapes their opinion of your business and their overall decision concerning visiting your location, buying your product, or signing up for your email newsletter.

If you have a user-friendly website that’s modern and intuitive, you can make a good first impression with consumers. This can lead to the conversion of more users, whether by contacting your team for a quote, stopping at your store the following day, or becoming a new subscriber of your email newsletter.


Maximize your competitive advantage

A certain report revealed that around 70% of consumers use their smartphones to carry out product research. Generally, this population accounts for 52.6% of international web traffic that originates from mobile devices. ZB MEDIA GROUP builds on this by placing trust signals on your site and then optimizes it for browser and mobile compatibility to convert it into a lead generation machine.


Optimize your user experience

A website’s user experience allows a significant return on investment (ROI) for most companies. It may also deliver a huge blow to businesses that ignore UX design testing since almost 90% of users will choose a competitor after having poor user experience. Professional web design services will ensure that your company offers users the best experience possible. For instance, our team can enhance the readability and usability of your site, whether on desktop or mobile. That makes it relatively easy for consumers to access the information they require and take action you want them to take.

Boost your search rankings

Whether a user is searching on their desktop, smartphone, or tablet, they depend on search to find whatever they are looking for, from products to services. However, if your website does not rank on the first page of Google’s SERPs, it will be difficult for your company to interact with those visitors. That is why SEO is a fundamental element of web marketing — you’ll require your site to rank to drive subscribers, conversions, and sales

With high-quality SEO services and professional web design services, you’ll ensure your website ranks for search terms or keywords relevant to your business. Additionally, you ensure that your website offers the best level of user experience.


Improve your digital marketing strategy

Your website serves as your home base or foundation when it comes to digital marketing. This is where you direct your visitors, whether they come from social media sites, search results or other sources. Because of this, it’s essential to maintain an updated and optimized site that can sufficiently support your online marketing strategies. Once your business has a well-rounded website like this, it can boost the results of any other digital marketing strategies you have implemented. If you are using email marketing, for instance, our web design services will upgrade your site’s usability and ultimately increase the subscribers gained through your website’s sign-up and contact forms


Why Choose ZB MEDIA GROUP'S Web Design Services?


As a digital marketing company, ZB MEDIA GROUP focuses on delivering the best services in the market. We work side by side with our clients to make sure their goal is achieved. The following reasons are why you should consider our services:

We’re Developer Oriented - image
We’re Developer Oriented

Undoubtedly, we have amazing talent in web design and development. Each of our team members is goal-oriented and self-motivated, and we commit ourselves to creating the best websites available.

ZB MEDIA GROUP is dedicated to providing the best level of services.


Flexible Developers

Most of the credit in our staff goes to our incredible developers. Over time, our team has worked on a wide range of projects on many different platforms. As such, we’re confident that we can expertly handle any type of web project and provide you with exactly what you want.


Flexible Developers - image
Dedicated project managers - image
Dedicated project managers

Our professional web design services designate your company with a dedicated project manager. And just like our web designers, they usually work as your team’s extension, learning your business, objectives, and overall vision for your site. The results are s a website that captures your business down to the last detail.


Comprehensive Services

ZB MEDIA GROUP offers a full suite of website design services and other services that can assist in promoting your website when it’s complete. This includes SEO, social media marketing, email marketing,Email Marketing  PPC, content management systems, web redesign, etc.

Comprehensive Services - image
Please call us at (503) 447-5888 and let’s customize your web design so that it sets you apart from your competitors or click below to book a free strategy session.


ZB MEDIA GROUP'S Web Design Process

When we provide you with a proposal, you will see that we include a brief outline of the activities that will occur during the creation of your new site.

This helps you to understand what you need to be ready for and to also give you an idea of the time necessary for each stage.

Below is a list of the various stages and what they entail: 





As with any project, we need to know your ideas and plans so we can work towards getting the results you expect. This phase of the process entails creativity and coming up with a design that matches your expectations. Activities in this stage include creating a website design requirement spec sheet, research, sitemap creation, wireframing, and identifying functionality requirements.

1 - Preparation - image
2 - Web Design - image

Web Design

Web Design

This is where the fun begins. Given the shift in how people surf the internet, we have changed our strategies by approaching web design from a mobile-first responsive perspective. As our team starts working on the mockups, we design for both mobile and desktop so we can ascertain if all the design elements correspond with different browsers, devices, and screen sizes.

Depending on the project's scope and size, our team picks various projects to be designed and shared with you, in addition to a style guide for the whole site. When this is done and final files are packaged, we get into the next primary phase, web development.

Web Development

Web Development

When the designs are approved, both by our team and you, the client, the real work begins. This phase usually focuses on the following key aspects:

Design implementation - This is the process of coding the agreed-upon design into your site. It also involves making the site work on a mobile responsive framework as well as testing it on an array of web browsers and devices. Fleshing out the site's areas that have not had mockups made for is another key element in the design implementation.

Functional requirements - These cover everything from the accuracy of the search tool to how the menus work. Our team works through each component with the aim of having these aspects ready when it comes to full website review.

SEO implementation - When creating your new site, it is vital for it to include various features that give you an edge in Google's search result. Features in this aspect include control over pages to be indexed, autogenerated XML sitemaps, semantic markup, adding structured data, etc.

3 - Web Development - image
4 - Launch - image



ZB MEDIA GROUP runs a series of final checks to ensure you have the skills and knowledge needed to manage your new website. This includes:

Tracking tools installation - Tools like Google Webmaster and Google Analytics help analyze the site performance. How people use your site is an important metric, therefore, you can expect us to integrate tools that will help you pull up this data when managing and evaluating your site.

Final SEO Checklists - Our skilled SEO team will conduct a final audit.

Client training - At ZB MEDIA GROUP, we ideally provide training and Content Management System (CMS) manuals so that you can easily add new content, videos, images and create landing pages to keep the site fresh.

Evaluation & Improvement

Evaluation & Improvement

Website projects never really come to a conclusion as it is vital to regularly review the conversions and performance and making changes accordingly. Depending on what package you choose, our team meets with you monthly to:

Review conversions - We will check the conversion rates and ensure the highest-performing pages are emulated.

Assess website performance - This is done to check if your site is performing as expected. After the assessment, we will create an improvement plan to ensure you meet the changing demands.

5 - Evaluation & Improvement - image-1

Web Design Services FAQs

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